Newsies tells the story of the newsie strike of 1899, where the children and teen ‘newsies’ took on the established newspaper companies to demand fair wages and working conditions. Filled with memorable songs and dances, this show brings many social inequities to light.

The three main issues that the Newsies strike of 1899 was able to pinpoint were child labor, class, and power, and the power of the press.

Timely and fresh, the fictionalized adaptation of Newsies addresses age-old themes of social injustice, exploitative labor practices, and David-versus-Goliath struggles as the young learn to harness their power against a corrupt establishment led by old white men.

Despite being set during the late 1800s, Newsies manages to remain as important as ever for audiences as it puts in the spotlight those who stand up for themselves while not letting big business owners kick them around. especially since industrial action has become part of our regular lives; the coming-of-age tale has a universal appeal for people of all ages.

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