Stages CSD Educational Theater Program

Hello STAGES Summer Theater Camp Parents,

You might be wondering at this point about the status of STAGES Summer Theater Camp 2021!

We thank you all for your patience as we’ve been exhaustively combing through the research, anecdotal evidence, and the guidelines for summer camps just put out by the state and other relevant agencies.

Of particular interest, and concern, have been the recent guidelines put out by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) and National Guild for Community Arts Education, that say, in no uncertain terms, that both singing and speaking loudly in groups over 10 is discouraged until the risk of transmission can be more closely controlled. 

The State of Oregon has put out guidance that says camps may proceed provided there can be “stable groups of 10 or fewer children” and that camps, with multiple stable groups of 10 or fewer children maintain “a minimum of 35 square feet per camper for indoor spaces and a minimum of 75 square feet per camper for outdoor spaces.” Additionally, the policy states that “camps must ensure that each stable group remains in the same indoor physical space each day and does not intermingle with any other group.”

Given these guidelines, which would be virtually impossible for our campers, and combined with the concerns about singing and social distancing, and the new cases of Covid linked inflammatory syndrome in children that is causing quite a bit of concern, we at STAGES have made the heartbreaking decision to cancel camp for 2021.

Our campers, their family’s safety, and the safety of our team are just too valuable to us to risk it for this year.

We are sure you will understand.

All those who have paid will be issued refunds. Please email to start that process. For some of you who have paid more than 120 days ago, this may take a minute to process paper check refunds through the district, but be assured we will make it happen.

Here’s to your good health and we look forward to (fingers crossed) having camp in 2022!

All the best,

The STAGES Summer Theater Camp Team

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